Long time no see!

OK, so this is awkward and if I was your boyfriend/ girlfriend I would deserve to be dumped...you haven't heard from me since January! I'm terrible I know! This year I've been concentrating on designing new jewellery collections and working less, yes thats right, working less! I figured it was about time I take control of my time, give myself a break (emotionally and physically) and work smarter not harder, good idea right?! So sorry for the silence but all this has been going on...

January - collaborated with the fabulous Lucky Dip Club on her Valley of the Unicorns box which was a real dream for me! Best start to the year and I'll be designing a NEW unicorn collection this summer!

February - launched my first ever valentines inspired collection "Love Match" inspired by love and puns! This was my first collection made from birch plywood and it was really challenging working in a different medium and I have to say I missed my shiny perspex. I loved making these though and handmade and printed the stamps for the packaging, a real labour of love! 

March - Launched my Cinderella collection inspired my Disney's latest version of the fairytale. I was really inspired by the pictures of her new dress, the iridescent underskirt was like a dream! I used iridescent in the final collection which I absolutely love! I hope my passion and slight obsession for all things Disney translated into each handmade piece, you can buy from the collection here!

Dyed my hair like a My Little Pony, because lifes too short not to!

It was also my second mothers day which I celebrated with my little Lux although she's not so little anymore!

And I turned the big 30! Jon (my fella) gave me a surprise birthday party which was the best present ever and a complete surprise! It was a beautiful day.

Been baking more unicorn cookies for some friends! You can find my recipe here.

I gave my office a make over, I was staring to feel a little cramped in the corner but the cocktail bar is still in here, I'll never get rid of it!

April - The big news is that for my next collection I'm collaborating with the adorable Pony People!
Its called "Spring Kittens' and if you like cute kitties, lucky four leaf clovers and pretty spring flowers then your gonna flip! Keep updated for the launch via my instagram account here.

Told you I've been busy! I'll be back soon I promise xxx

Dream big!

What an amazing start to 2015! Last year I emailed the lovely Leona from Lucky Dip Club enquiring about working with her and to be honest I thought I didn't have a chance! 
I've been following Leona's work for YEARS and she was one of the people who inspired me to start my own business. Today I'm soooo happy and excited to say that we can reveal our collaboration in the shape of this extra special unicorn brooch that I designed just for her! 
Today feels like a real milestone for my little business and me! Follow your dreams and don't forget to dream big! 

PS I'll be launching a magical Unicorn collection later this year so keep your eyes peeled!

I Love Crafty Christmas Countdown - Number 3

Only 3 days till Christmas!!! To celebrate I'm doing a top 10 of my I Love Crafty best sellers and here's number 3, my "Donut Rings" part of my Donut Shop collection! Cute!

I Love Crafty Christmas Countdown - Number 4

Only 4 days till Christmas!!! To celebrate I'm doing a top 10 of my I Love Crafty best sellers and here's number 4, my "Cat Nap Ring" part of my Feline Fatale collection! Cute!