Guest Writer! - Sew Scrumptious

My name is Louise and I am a fabric addict! I have a little sewing blog called Sew Scrumptious and was reading a sewing magazine earlier in the year when I came across an article about a charity in America called 'Dress a Girl around the World'. Women from all over America were sewing simple little pillowcase dresses which were being distributed to girls in developing countries. Places like India, Uganda and Haiti. I loved the idea and knew that I could easily make a couple of dresses and probably persuade some of my blogging friends to join in too. I thought I would package them up and send them off to America and that would be it. Little did I know that 6 months later I would be the UK International partner for the charity and would have received nearly 270 dresses from all over the UK and Ireland!
The response so far has been so fantastic that I have decided to keep going and see just how many dresses we can make in the UK. The charity in America suggested trying to find local contacts to take the dresses abroad in order to save time and money on postage and so far 100 dresses have gone to two separate projects in Malawi including the Home of Hope Orphanage (you can see photos on the blog) and 50 are going to Kenya in 3 weeks time. I am always looking for people who can distribute dresses abroad for us.
I would love more people to make dresses! Its a really simple pattern to follow. All you need is some fabric (or an old pillowcase hence the name!), elastic and some bias binding. Most people send one dress but some make lots and lots (its a bit addictive!) and we now have sewing groups and schools involved too. You can decorate the dresses however you choose and each dress is photographed and put on my blog with a link back to the maker.
Fancy joining in? You can email me at, go to my blog or look at the facebook page for more info.

Happy sewing!!

Mr Bellamy Blue

My little doggy friend, Bellamy Blue! He's sooo sweet, loves cuddles, cute ringtones and sneaking onto the bed!


Blog Crush

Ive got a crush! Look at Tokyolux and you will too!


Reading Festival - Now

This time we were on the guest list! Whoop! We could go backstage, hangout at the guest area and drink cocktails! That's my kind of festival!

I sprayed my hair pink for the weekend, I really loved it!

It was thanks to the lovely Scubaboy (my hubby on the left) that we got our passes. They were filming "UNKLE" who were headlining the dance stage, we were AMAZING!

My Zombie cocktail and hot dog, good festival grub!

This was my feet after 10 mins of being there! It had rained really hard just before we arrived and the more I drank the more it looked like chocolate! (But not tasty)


Blog Love - Becoming Lola

If you don't have this blog in your life you should!
If you love gorgeous pics, inspirational ideas and mouth watering recipes then get on it!

Reading Festival - Then

Tomorrow I'm off to Reading Festival and this was me and my little sis Kate last time we went in 2006.
We hated it, came back early, sat on her sofa drinking a pot of tea and watched Sense and Sensibility! We're very rock and roll!

Let's hope things get better this time and fingers crossed it doesn't rain!


Feed me up Sophie!

I LOVE food, especially when its cute, tasty and made with love and thats why I love Sophie Dahl's Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights cookbook
She made a gorgeous cookery programe for the BBC with episodes called Nostalgia, Selfish, Melancholy, Romance, Escapism and Celebratory!
I love the fact that Sophie's moods dictate what she wants to eat and I think thats the same for alot of us!
Check out her recipe for the perfect Lemon Mousse.
And this is one of my favorite breakfasts and a real treat! Its in the Romance episode! Sweet!
Buckwheat Blinis with Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon.

If you can, take a look at her book with its amazing recipes and make yourself a treat!

Make a Doily Collar with me!

This is a very easy way to make a Doily Collar. I made this while I was at a craft fair! Enjoy! 1. Grab a doily, mines a old one that my nan gave me! You'll also need:
  • Thread (I used embroidery thread)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Pins
2. Fold the doily in half and cut.
3.Fold the ribbon in haft to find the middle, you want it long enough to tie around you neck comfortably with enough left for a bow. Take 1 half of the doily and pin 1 corner to the middle of the ribbon.
4. Sew along the top, I used a blanket stitch with embroidery thread as its thick and quick to cover areas.

5. Stitch all the way along the doily.
6. Then pin the other half of the doily next to the first and stitch across the top again.
8. Wear and enjoy!

You can wear the bow either at the front or the back.
You can even pop a sweet brooch on the front!

Have fun being crafty!



Happy birthday to us!

It was our little shops 1st birthday! Yay!
I'd like to say a big thanks to all my lovely customers, artists in my shop and friends who have helped me along the way! Without every ones support it wouldn't be the magical shop it is today!
Here's some pics of the day, enjoy!



Colour me pink?

I think one of these should be my next hair colour, which one do you think?


Would you like to be a guest writer?

Have you something to say about crafty things? Want to share your excitement with others?
Well why not become a guest writer on my blog! As well as getting your post up you'll get a link to any blog or site you have as well as a lot of good vibes heading your way!
Send me a little ditty about what you want to write about, it could be crafty fashion, making things, something amazing you've seen out and about, what ever!
I look forward to see what crafty things you've got to say!
Send them to me @


Make Bunny Bunting!!!

I wanted to post a how to make bunting and I came across this super cute idea from "Made".
Instead of the usual bunting, which is fab, why not make some cute bunny bunting!
Lets get started!

1.Cut out a basic bunny shape from felt.

2. Using the end of a pencil and fabric paint make little dots for its eyes and nose. Cute AND simple, thats what I like!
3. Pick out some fabulous ribbon, make it as long or short as you like.
4. Line up the bunnies face down with the ribbon near the tips of their ears. Sew along the top.
5. Flip over the bunnies. To make the bunting stronger and double sided pop another cut out bunny ontop of the other, as if they have their backs to one another.
6. Then carefully stitch down the edges of the bunnies.
7. Voila! Bunny bunting!
Thanks to the very inspiring blog "Made" for the fab tutorial! Muchas gracias!