Make Bunny Bunting!!!

I wanted to post a how to make bunting and I came across this super cute idea from "Made".
Instead of the usual bunting, which is fab, why not make some cute bunny bunting!
Lets get started!

1.Cut out a basic bunny shape from felt.

2. Using the end of a pencil and fabric paint make little dots for its eyes and nose. Cute AND simple, thats what I like!
3. Pick out some fabulous ribbon, make it as long or short as you like.
4. Line up the bunnies face down with the ribbon near the tips of their ears. Sew along the top.
5. Flip over the bunnies. To make the bunting stronger and double sided pop another cut out bunny ontop of the other, as if they have their backs to one another.
6. Then carefully stitch down the edges of the bunnies.
7. Voila! Bunny bunting!
Thanks to the very inspiring blog "Made" for the fab tutorial! Muchas gracias!