Make a Doily Collar with me!

This is a very easy way to make a Doily Collar. I made this while I was at a craft fair! Enjoy! 1. Grab a doily, mines a old one that my nan gave me! You'll also need:
  • Thread (I used embroidery thread)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Pins
2. Fold the doily in half and cut.
3.Fold the ribbon in haft to find the middle, you want it long enough to tie around you neck comfortably with enough left for a bow. Take 1 half of the doily and pin 1 corner to the middle of the ribbon.
4. Sew along the top, I used a blanket stitch with embroidery thread as its thick and quick to cover areas.

5. Stitch all the way along the doily.
6. Then pin the other half of the doily next to the first and stitch across the top again.
8. Wear and enjoy!

You can wear the bow either at the front or the back.
You can even pop a sweet brooch on the front!

Have fun being crafty!

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  1. They are so sweet! Will deffo be trying this out. x