Make Something for the Weekend.... Vintage Apron

Bored this weekend? Rainy outside?
Then why not make this sweet vintage inspired apron with me!
This is my basic design, although I originally wanted to add a heart shaped pocket but I didn't get round to it, but you could always add one! I used a old sari for my fabric, the intricate embroidery looks gorgeous at the bottom of the skirt. You could use an old table cloth or curtains!
1. Cut out the shape for the top half of your apron, you can be exciting and go for a sweet heart design, but I just did a simple slight triangle shape to start with.
2. Then pin out the shape and get ready to sew!

3. I used a simple running stitch all round the edges except for the bottom where the skirt will be attached.
4. Once that's done measure out how long you want your straps, you could always do two long pieces so you can tie them to suit you rather than the halterneck I'm doing.
5. I wanted tight sweet ruffles on my straps so to make them you fold a long piece of fabric down the middle then as you stitch down the side gather each ruffle where you want it. It takes a while but looks cute.

6. Once you've got your ruffles, cut out the same length again and stitch it to your ruffles...

so it looks like this. I'm a big fan of this scallop stitch that my little sewing machine does to finish things off.
7. Then sew the strap to the top half of your apron.
8. Now to make the sash that ties round your waist and connects the top to the skirt.
Measure out how long you want it, be generous as you can always trim it at the end but you can't really add more later! Fold it up so one side is flat and the other is made of 2 flaps so that when you stich across the seem shouldn't be visible.
9. Then you can go mad, like I did with the scallop stitch and make it look pretty.
10. Now cut out your skirt shape, make it as long or short as you like, I like mine just above the knee. Cut it in a slight triangle shape again and don't worry if the top of the skirt is wider than the bottom of your top, this looks quite nice once its all sewn to the sash. And as you sew the skirt to the sash, to give the skirt a bit of volume you can use the ruffle effect to create pleats like this...
11. Then sew to top half to the sash and .....
there you have it, a sweet vintage inspired apron! I love the sari fabric I used as its a light purple crepe fabric and looks fab and delicate. You might not want to get food on it though! ( I realise this defeats it's purpose) But if your having a dinner or tea party and want to get in the hostess mood it's perfect!
I wear mine in my shop at the weekends!

I'm also all about making things your own so why not accessorize it with cute cake brooches, I made this from a few old broken bits I had and a cute little cake I made.

Enjoy! Let me know how yours goes!

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