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Flourless Marbled Chocolate Cake

This is fab, easy and tasty cake recipe from the fabulous Becoming Lola blog. I love cakes but I've never really had a go myself so after being inspired by this gorgeous blog I had to give it a go (what an excuse!)

For cheesecake batter:
8 oz. cream cheese, softened to room temperature
150g granulated sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

For the chocolate batter:
10 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped

5 oz. (10 Tbs.) unsalted butter,
cut into 6 pieces

3 large eggs
75g granulated sugar
1 Tbs. dark rum or espresso
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Pinch table salt

Cocoa powder for dusting

Position an oven rack in the middle of the oven and heat the oven to 150°c.

Lightly grease a 9x2-inch round cake pan.
Make the vanilla (cheesecake) batter:
In a medium bowl beat the softened cream cheese until smooth. Add the sugar and continue beating until well blended and no lumps remain. Add the egg and vanilla and beat just until blended. Set aside.

Make the chocolate batter: In a medium bowl, melt the chocolate and butter
in a large metal bowl over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave. Whisk until smooth and set aside to cool slightly. Beat the eggs, sugar, rum or espresso, vanilla, and salt until the mixture is pale and thick, 3 to 4 min. Gradually pour in the chocolate mixture and continue beating until well blended.
Combine and bake: Spread about half of the chocolate batter in the bottom of the pan. Alternately add large scoopfuls of each of the remaining batters to the cake pan. Using a knife or the tip of a rubb
er spatula, gently swirl the two batters together so they're mixed but not completely blended. Bake until a pick inserted about 2 inches from the edge comes out gooey but not liquid, 40 to 42 min; don't over bake.
The top will be puffed and slightly cracked, especially around the edges. It will sink down as it cools. Let cool on a rack until just slightly warm. Sprinkle cocoa on the bottom of the cake before inverting it onto another plate; the cocoa will keep the cake from sticking when you slice and serve it.

Tip: To slice the marble cake neatly, use a hot knife (run it under hot running water and dry it). Wipe the blade clean between slices.
Its an amazing cake, lovely and rich, although mine doesn't look like the pic! Make it and let me know how it goes!

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