Halloween Party - Style guide!

I really love Halloween, the spookiness, the drama and most of all the fun of dressing up and having a party! This year I'm holding a small cocktail party for a creepy bunch. My sister's in charge of decorations, my hubby is cooking and I'm making the cocktails! WHOOP!
There's an amazing array of spine chilling party ideas out there and here's a selection of some of my favorites that I'm going to try and recreate for my own party!

I love the Pottery Barn for ideas and this creepy entrance is just fab! I love the sweet haunting lights that you can get here!
How good do these cobwebs on the chandelier look! (But these spiders are just TOO scary for me!)I want to creepy crows!
We're going to have poisonous Pumpkin cupcakes and this black cake stand looks great. I wish I knew how to make dry ice! this looks soooo cool!Here's my top 3 favorite Halloween party details!
1. Diamante pumpkin! This looks so classy and would be very simple to do, my favorite!
2. Skeleton details. I love this little guy with his huge wine glass! The more the better I think! 3. Decorated busts. Another cheaters favorite! Just bung on a mask, webs and a crow and your away with a truly ghostly look!
I really like this idea for making something as boring as a sofa spooky! I just hope the webs don't stick to peoples costumes! And it wouldn't be right if there wasn't plenty of candles that flicker when scary stories are told!My husband is making some of the ghastly ghost marshmallows! And I'll be creating some extra special cocktails just for my guests delight!
(Still deciding my menu!)
I've got to make these creepy warning signs for food!Got lots of people coming around? If there's a farm near by grab some hay bales with low lighting and you've got a rustic haunted look! Just don't forget to put down blankets for those with sensitive bums!
OK, so your party looks fab so what about you?
I'm going to TRY to look a bit like this!
And here's some other favorites!
How dedicated are these ladies to their costumes!
I'm going to dig out a pair of white shoes that I don't want anymore and do this but I think I'll add some red glitter!How great is this! Simple and fun!
I've added a spooky playlist to my blog to get you in a spooky mood!
Here's a great video from Pottery Barn, they have the best Halloween selection I've ever seen as well as lots of inspiration and thus video is all that!
Halloween's all about fun and magic so have a fab time and don't forget...

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