Happy Howl-oween!

Happy Howl-oween indeed! I love Halloween and any excuse to dress up, but dress up my dog? Heck yes!
Here's some of my favorite doggy costumes as well as a little crafty project to get Fido in the Howl-oween mood!
Let's start with some traditional costumes:

A Pug looks good in anything, but looks rather pumpkinish like this!

Instead of a costume, why not work with what God gave you, if your dog's black and doesn't mind being painted then go for it! (Only joking, don't paint your dog, unless it likes it)

I think if Dracula was a dog, he'd be this one! Now for some more unusual costumes!

I love the use of props (banana boxes) with these cuties.


I think this guy's meant to be a hedge. Very avantgarde and a fabulous face!

I LOVE the Dino dog! But he looks like a meat eater to me!

If I ever get trapped in a burning house I want this guy to save me!

A Childhood fav! What a Grouch!

This is the most modern costume I've seen!

This is dedication to a costume - dragging your owner into it!

This is my winning costume! The headless dogman! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

And lets not forget the cat lovers out there - so here's a cat in a hat!

Time now to make!

The spider's bulbous body and angular legs are made of felt; once assembled, the costume is sewn onto a doggy-size T-shirt.

Step 1

Photocopy body, leg, and diamond templates; cut out. Using the templates as guides, cut 2 body pieces and 16 leg pieces from black felt; cut 2 diamond pieces from orange felt. To make each leg, pin 2 leg pieces together and sew; using knitting needle, stuff tightly with fill. Sew body pieces together, leaving a small opening for fill. Stuff body, and sew opening closed. Glue the two diamonds to top body piece to make an hourglass shape.

Step 2

Place each leg on body with the open ends sandwiching the body; hand-sew legs to body. Sew body to center of back of T-shirt. Tack along contour of body to stabilize. From http://www.marthastewart.com/
I'm going to make my doggy Bellamy a costume for our Halloween party and I'll post a pic once it's finished!

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