I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 1!

Welcome to the first Christmas Crafty DIY project!
To start with I thought I'd show you this fabulous simple advent calendar idea with a free print out for you!

From Oh Happy day
You'll need:
  • Small boxes (24)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper for printing
  • Festive treats for prizes!
1. Print out the advent numbers from here.
2. Cut them out and stick them onto the boxes.
3. Add your festive treats and your away! just try not to open them all at once!
Here's a few other ideas that you'll love too!
Match boxes!
Baby socks!
Come see what crafty project I have tomorrow!

Disneyland and giveaway time!

I had the best time at Disneyland Paris and I wanted to share some pics with you as well as start my Disneyland giveaway!

The lobby had fabulous Christmas trees..

I'm Dreaming of a Girly Christmas!

Some girly Christmas goodies!

I hope this cutie is under my tree this year!

A Barbie tree!

Gorgeous vintage Christmas cards.

Coming soon...
The I Love Crafty Christmas Gift Guide!
Full of great pressie ideas for your favorite people and for you!


The Shop's Christmas Window Display!

Welcome to the I Love Crafty Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas town!

My little shop's gone all Christmasy and cute!

I wanted to create a cute, magical snowy town where Susie snowflake(from curiouspip) lives and they gather their crafty pressies for the big day!

We even have our own little I Love Crafty shop!

And the town hall is ready to ring in Christmas day!
Little sweet scented puppy candles dot the snowy landscape!

Suzie Snowflake has her Christmas cake ring ready to wrap!
And we have adorable pink carriages to whisk your jewellery gifts to your loved one!

I hope you like my Christmas window display!


Crafty Christmas Party!

Come celebrate Christmas in our fab little shop with live music, mulled wine, mince pies and a few little surprises! It's sad we're closing soon but let's celebrate and have a party!

Crafty Cleverness - Recycling

Sometimes being crafty with recycled things can feel the most rewarding. There's nothing like something you love but is either about to fall apart or to be binned and turning it into something completely original and useful! You get a huge sense of accomplishment and personally I love keeping everything, I don't throw anything out so saving that moth bitten chair or beloved childhood toy is very satisfying.
So I've found some inspiring idea's that will have you grabbing your tatty things and making them beautiful once again!

This clever idea is my fav, got an old little suit case or vanity case? Turn it into a useful and unique cabinet! Perfect for your makeup, toiletries or jewellery! I'm so making one of these!
Those old dusty jars piling up in your kitchen looking a bit sad? Turn them into useful crafty jars or....

Combine them with some old childhood toys and make quirky arty jars like these! Love it!
Looking for some recycling Christmas ideas? Why not prune that tree outside, clean out your nutella jars and get your glue gun out! For that extra Christmasy touch sprinkle with snow, I mean glitter!

And what about that old tea tray your great aunt left you? Turn it into an adorable vintage magnetic notice board!

And finally, that jumper you got from your nan last Christmas that "got shrunk in the wash" can be reborn into cute mittens for you and your family, depending on the size of your hands!

I hope you feel inspired by this crafty recycling post!
Get crafty!

This week in Prettiness

This week I have:
Been sewing cushions like a mad woman! My shoulders kill!

Laughing at Larry David on Curd your Enthusiasm.

Making dens for my dog.

And getting ready for...

Whoop! Next week I'm off with my hubby, my sis and her boyfriend to have our yearly dose of Disney Christmasy goodness!

I can't wait!
Whoop! Pics to come when I get back!

It's Christmas at i Love Crafty Online!

Here at I Love Crafty we LOVE Christmas and we're now selling our fabulous "I Love Christmas" jewellery collection online! Whoop!
We've also got a count down to the big day and the best pressies for your loved ones.
All our jewellery is packaged up with love and safety in mind. Gift wrapping is also available for no extra cost so if it's a pressie let me know!
Plus they come with a little surprise!

So grab a mug of hot chocolate, snuggle into a comfy chair and put some carols on as you take a look at our Christmas collection!

Take a look at our fabulous Christmasy online store here!

Here's a selection to get you in the Christmas mood!
Lovely handmade, one off brooches. This "Let it snow" brooch is my fav! You can buy it here. The most Christmay rings your likely to see!

Hope you like my Christmas jewellery!