I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 1!

Welcome to the first Christmas Crafty DIY project!
To start with I thought I'd show you this fabulous simple advent calendar idea with a free print out for you!

From Oh Happy day
You'll need:
  • Small boxes (24)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper for printing
  • Festive treats for prizes!
1. Print out the advent numbers from here.
2. Cut them out and stick them onto the boxes.
3. Add your festive treats and your away! just try not to open them all at once!
Here's a few other ideas that you'll love too!
Match boxes!
Baby socks!
Come see what crafty project I have tomorrow!


  1. Hiya
    I have popped over from uk handmade over on fb...i'm glad i did, these are just gorgeous!! :)

  2. thanks hun! I'm running off to get some match boxes today! x