I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 15!

Time to make some more pressies! It's never too late when ideas are this easy!
Crafty jars make great pressies for those crafty friends or those who want to be crafty next year!
Its sooooo simple and makes use of any empty jars hanging around the kitchen and any small bits of fabric that you have no use for.
Empty out your jar, in this case its a ketchup bottle, cool! then fill it with lots of crafty bits. You could make a jar filled with bits to customize cards, make crochet hair clips or just general bits! I like the last one best cos you get to make anything you can think of!

When you make a gift like this I recommend picking a few keys colors and filling your jar with things in that color scheme. It will make it look more pulled together than just a random mess of stuff.
You could make a little ideas book with some small projects your friends could do, just to spark off their creative juices!
This idea is from AshleyAnn photography and has some other amazing ideas!
I've sold a few jars like this in my shop and people always love them so who will you make one for?

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