I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 19!

It's time to start planning our Christmas feast and how to make them look pretty. Here's another genius idea from ashleyannphotography using old doilies, just imagine their snow flakes!
Step 1: Lay out your largest doilies first
Step 2: Fill in with smaller doilies. I used all different shapes and stuck with white and cream colors.
Step 3: Overlap the edges of the big and small doiles so that the small ones aren’t always on top.
Step 4: Tack the doilies together using string on the UNDERSIDE. I tied a double knot in several spots using thread and a needle. Knowing me it won’t take long before I decide I am ready to do something different, so I wanted to be able to take the runner apart easily without hurting the doilies.
Ta Da12.09doily-3

Cute, fun, easy. My 3 favorite crafting words! XXX

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