I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 2!

Today we're making cute cupcake tree decorations!

You'll need:
2 different coloured felts (I went for white, pink and purple but be creative!)
Fabric Glue
Plastic jewels (or real if you have them!)

It should look like this.

Then with your short piece of ribbon, loop it like this.

Now stitch your 2 cupcake tops together and at the top sew in the ribbon.

Like this.

Now use your stuffing to stuff both the cupcake base and top.

Now get your fabric glue and jewels and decorate to your hearts content!
If you don't have jewels you could always add sequins, ribbon, lace, feathers what ever you like!

There you have it, their so easy you can make a whole bakers dozen of them for your tree!



  1. This is such a cute idea. My sister loves to make cupcakes, so I think this will be a great addition to her Christmas present! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I love this idea and I'm pretty sure my kids will when I present them to it this weekend! :) You have a great blog by the way x