I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 22!

Last minute gift wrapping ideas toady!
Hopefully we've all got our pressies and are confronted with a mountain of wrapping to conquer, so heres some sweet ideas to help! Oh, and grab yourself a glass of mulled wine, it helps!

This year (and don't tell the family) I've wrapped all my pressies in pages from Pride and Prejudice, it's my Mum's favorite book. Be more festive and use A Christmas Carol or Hymen music pages if you like.

I just tape the pages together, don't worry if it looks a bit rough, this is the inside of the paper.

I've got to say it looks very pretty and I bought the book from a charity shop for £1.80 and I haven't run out! I've also used black ribbon and tags to look classy and used black stars (table confetti) to spell out their names.
This pressie is a teapot and looks quite fab!
I love this idea of using some old keys and house hold string! Soooo cute and easy!

And who doesn't like a doily! Cute!

Have fun wrapping, now I'm off to wrap a bird box! Wish me luck!

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