I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 24!

It's the last day of our crafty advent calendar! Whoop!
Since it's Christmas eve and we should be relaxing, peeling vegetables, panic present buying and drinking too much so I'm going to do these easy crafty table decorations. Have fun!
Napkin Bow
Napkin Bow
Dress up the party table with these decorative napkins, unique napkin rings, and festive folding ideas. A perfect bow on each plate is a fun way to spiff up a plain napkin and give party guests a gift of their own. Spread a dinner napkin out, lying flat. Fold opposite sides in so they meet at the center. Then fold again at the center to form a narrow, ribbonlike shape. Next, fold short ends in so they meet at the center. Cinch in the middle with a ribbon in a coordinating color, and glue at back.
Recycled Christmas Trees with Glitter


* Small magazine or book
* Gold Spray Paint
* Glitter
* Scissors
1. Fold the spine of the magazine so that it is broken

2. Fold the pages of the magazine in towards the spine one at a time. Then fold them all in again so the fold is smaller.

3. Use scissors to cut the irregular shape from the bottom of the pages. You could leave this attached but if the paper of the magazine is soft or thin the tree will be unstable
4. Spray the small tree with the gold paint and dust with glitter

And here's some simple table ideas.

Relax, take it easy and look forward to tomorrow!


  1. Thank you so much for the I Love Crafty advent calendar! I've eagerly awaited reading it every day and have made a few of the advent crafts!

    Merry Christmas


  2. Great stuff! I'd love to see some pics of your crafty work and I'll pop them on my blog! xxx