I'm Crafty Advent Calendar - Dec 9!

Today let's make a Moustache key-ring!
I've got a feeling this one's going to be popular!

You will need:
a. A piece of genuine leather – could be from a old jacket, bag, whatever!
b. A thick needle or
c. Scissors
d. Flat nose pliers (2 pairs)
e. A key ring - you can get these from most craft shops
f. Thread
g. A sewing machine
h. Moustache pattern

1. You can print and use the pattern included or draw your own.

2. Outline the moustache pattern twice оn the back side of the leather. Also outline a rectangle measuring 0.8x2.4” (2x6 cm).

3. Cut them out. It has to look like this.

4. Pass the strip into the ring and bend in half. Join the edges as shown. Position the strip with the ring between the two cut-out moustache pieces as desired.

5. Sew together give a gap from the edge. Sew through twice where you put strip with the ring.

6. If one of the edges overhangs, trim it with scissors.

Your keychain is ready!

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