Get Crafty with your Christmas Presents

If you have some spare time this Christmas (and I usually don't) why not get crafty and make some presents. My family don't buy pressies as it can be quite boring getting the same beauty set every year so we make each other things. I love it as you never know what you're gonna get! Heres my favourite  ideas this year from good old Pinterest, where you can never get bored and send HOURS! Enjoy!
 Paper House Gift Boxes
This is one of my all time favourite paper gift box freebies online from the fabulous Design mom. You have to give it a go and they are sooo cute! The receiver of this gift will LOVE it! Plus t holds a secret present inside, just gorgeous! 

Recycled Beauty
Got any old toys or models hanging around the house that you don't want anymore? Why not paint them up and give them as a useful unique gift like this jewellery display elephant. LOVE IT!

Felt so good! 
I love making things from felt as its easy, cheap and looks so cute! I'm gonna give this cute idea for a phone cover a go and you should too!

Pom Poms!
I'm a huge fan of pompoms! They are pretty simple to make (take a look here) and you can make them any size. I'm loving the idea of making a pompom scarf for my mum so I better get myself off to the crafty shop and grab some cute wool!

 Hydrangea Cushion
OK, so this looks complicated but its not, trust me. Make a round cushion, cut out small flowers from felt and stitch them on! What did I tell you! Perfect for my sister!

Who doesn't like fudge? It comes in every flavour you can imagine so I'm gonna make a little mixed batch in cute boxes (easy and cheap, whoop!) These are the recipes I'm using:

This should keep my busy in the next few days and I'll take pics of what I'm making to show you! 
happy crafting! 

Make My I ♥ Cats Jumper

 Got an old jumper you don't wear much? Got some ribbon? Love cats? If the answer is yes then you should make this jumper. Its easy, fun and would make a great Christmas pressie (thinking ahead!)
Heres how I did it: 
Get a BIG jumper, I got mine for £4 from a charity shop and I do like a bit of pink!
 Using a pencil write what you want your message to say, this is for all the cat lovers out there. 
Then simply pin the ribbon into place, easy. 
Using a friendly sewing machine (mines called Pricilla) stitch the ribbon into place, sew both edges of the ribbon so that it wont snag on anything. 
 Voila! A I ♥ Cats jumper that anyone would be 
proud of!
Just be careful who you wear it in front of. 

How to Carve a Pumpkin!

Its nearly Halloween so time to get creative and carve those pumpkins! 
My arty sister Kate loves carving pumpkins and heres her tips on how to do it!

1. Draw in your design. 
When doing this try to use a non-pernimant pen as when your finished carving you can rub off any pen left on. Kate likes a challenge so she drew this design of a silhouette of a witch in a window. Pretty cool!

2. Prepare the carving area
You'll need a sharp knife (be carful), rubbish bags, scoop or spoon and a candle, tea lights work best- pretty simple! It can get messy so watch out, but that makes it more fun!

3. Make a lid
Cut off the top of the pumpkin, this will make your lid and protect your candle from blowing out.

4. Trim the lid
Cut off any extra bits from the inside of the lid - nice and clean thats how we like it 

5. Time to scoop! 
Time to scoop like you've never scooped before! This can take a while and you may need to use a knife so be careful. 

6. Carving time!
Kate used a scalpel - you can get quite delicate designs from this but if you don't have one a small sharp knife will do. 

7. Enjoy your pumpkin! 
After carving simply pop in the tea light, wait for it to get dark and enjoy your spooky work! For the caldrons smoke Kate carve the shape and removed the pumpkin skin. this allows some light to shine through and can give your designs that extra wow factor! 

Enjoy being crafty with your pumpkins and have a terrifyingly great Halloween! 

Autumn walks and treating myself!

I love autumn walks in the sunshine, heres what I wore this weekend. 

 I love my "Drop Dead" jumper, its pretty graphic but in the lead up to Halloween I love wearing it. And I love getting my old lilac Gap coat out with lime lining, its an old favourite. 
 And I had to wear a pair of my very own Kitty Collar Tips! LOVE them and always get asked where they're from...hehe I made them! 
 Look at this ridiculously photogenic kitty I came across. As soon as I got my camera out it struck a pose! Sooo cute a killer eyes! 
And I've worked hard this week (kinda) so i treated myself to this fab vintage ring from my friends Vintage shop, it reminded me of a Mermaids treasure so I had to get it! 

Hope you had a nice weekend too! 

Free Shipping! Wonderful Wednesday!

 We have some exciting news coming up and to celebrate we're offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING for today only! (03/10/12)
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Happy shopping! 

Bubblegum Hair and Autumn Walks

So my blue hair is fading out, pooy, but its gone a nice bubblegum shade, Yay!
 As you know I LOVE autumn and I took my new camera out to take some nice autumnal pics for you.

 Bellamy loves rolling around in the dry leaves - and the wet ones!

And no perfect Autumn day is complete without a sweet cake! 
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful season!

Blue hair and Brizfest!

So last week was a very busy week. It was my 3 tear wedding anniversary (ahhh, post to come soon) , lots happening with I Love Crafty jewellery (again more to come soon) and I went to Brizfest! Its a music festival here in Bristol where I live. But first I dyed my hair blue!
You like? I like experimenting with my hair but this was pretty bright! I used turquoise by Directions - its a semi permeant but I reckon this will only shift at the hair dresses. 
Then on to...
 Me and Jon (hubby) went with my sis Kate and her fella Matt. Here they are dressed as a swan and rabbit. Might I add at this stage that the festival had an "animal ball" dress code - just incase you were wondering!
And I went as a cat
 The food was amazing and this was my favourite stall - Strumpets with Crumpets! Yum!

 It was a fab day and we had fun!
 Fab graffiti 
 Me and Jon as some strumpets!
 Kate and Matt
Now to look forward to next year! Whoop!