Crafty Cleverness - Suits you!

Get ready to raid charity shops and car boot sales looking for old suitcases.
These are some of my favourite new uses for something that you might use only a few times.
Cute suit case chair! Add chair legs and comfy cushions to make a unique piece.
Fab shelves made by taking the case apart and nailing both sides to the wall. Sweet!
I love this bedside table made with different coloured cases topped with a chunky framed mirror, genius!
Ready to go picnic!
Use your old cases as draws in a tall chest of draws.
Use them as handy storage tables by adding legs from old scratched tables.
Make your dog a thrown fit for a king! Use old stool legs and a comfy cushion with vintage fabric! Use the cases inside pocket for his toys, maybe even paste some pics of his favourite walk inside!
Get organised by making little compartments for your crafty bits. An instant craft business on the go!
Hope you enjoyed these fab ideas! Enjoy being crafty!


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  1. Wow! I didn't know there were so many ways to use suit cases! I love this post. Great blog!