Happy Birthday to me! Hallo from Amsterdam!

Last week it was my birthday and to celebrate my hubby treated me to a trip to Amsterdam!
My Dutch friend Phil showed us around, it was great being with someone who knew all the best places to go. Phil lives in the Red light district and I had to take a pic of these colourful signs, although that place is creepy!
Amsterdam also has some amazing vintage shops if you walk down small alleys. I spotted this dress from outside, it looks so gorgeous!
I found this amazing fuchsia pink coat twined with the floral dress which had a matching petit coat! Sweet!
The Dutch palace.
And we stumbled across a fabulous shop called Kitsch Kitchen. I was in heaven!
It was full of my favourite things:
Tiny lampshades!
Retro toys!
Super kitsch stuff!
And a Barbie dress up station!
There's soooo many cute little boutiques there too.

Our fab friend Phil has a boat and picked us up from our hotel! You can just spot his boat coming under the bridge.
It was an amazing day so the boat trip so spectacular!
Our destination, a brewery in a windmill! Love it!
After a few beers it was time to head back on the boat for a night cruise.
It was just magical, sailing down the narrow canals and into the old harbour where we came across the old boat. The water was so still and we were the only ones on the water. Just beautiful!
My birthday pancake, it was sooooo good!
A few more Dutch beers.
And some birthday treats!
We had such a fab time!

We have to go back some time soon and I had a fabulous birthday!



  1. I love Amsterdam!! It's one of my favourite places in the world and has so much more to offer than the obvious lure of prostitution and drugs!! Kitsch kitchen is an amazing shop-I have to pay a visit every time I go to Amsterdam. Am going again in August and looking forward to doing a night cruise (not of the red light district-on a boat!). Glad you had a great bIrthday!

  2. It was sooo fab and the amount of good vintage shops was amazing, got to go back with more money next time! xxx