My week in pics

Ahhh...its been a busy week! Traveling, working, designing and going on a girly spa day, its a tough life! Ha! 
This week I've been loving...
Marshmallow stir-in hot chocolate! Love it!

Pastel pink hair dye (pics coming soon!)

 Company magazine - my new favourite magazine with its free eye liners! I love a pressie!

I've been away from my little crafty workshop for a while so here's some projects for you guys coming up!

See you soon 


  1. I inadvertently painted my nails in the same colours as the cover of this month's Company mag, which just shows how easily I'm influenced, really! The eyeliner is marvellous!

  2. That hot choc thingamy looks pretty amazing!

  3. so much lovelyness, the stir-in spoon thing was so fun! :P

  4. I had one of those Morrisons hot chocolate spoons, the irish cream one is amazing!

    Holli x

  5. Ooo, I was thinking about getting that one and the hazel nut sounded AMAZING!

  6. ooooof have you dip dyed your hair?!? Im so so tempted but dont know if i should!! hink i would go for pink….hmmm xxxx

  7. Yes, I dip dyed it the other day a light pastel pink. I'm gonna do it again soon and take some pics! Go for it! Mines a semi-permanent so it washes out x