A Collection Story - I'M Really a Mermaid

This is the story of a jewellery collection from start to finish. I thought I'd share it with you! 
Plus I love keeping a "collection" diary/scrap book to see my progress, bit like being back at uni! 

So inspiration comes from lots of places, a good place for me to start is my childhood: full of vivid colours, 80's toys and happy memories.
For 2012 I decided to design a collection based around my favourite film growing up, 
The Little Mermaid. 
Ariel was my favourite Disney princess and I loved the colour pallet of the film, deep greens, blues and splashes of hot pinks, purples and reds. Mix this with a few other of my childhood favourites, Barbie with her 80's pastel pallet and My Little Sea Pony with it's curvy lines and I was away! 

So the next thing I do is design a mood board, a mix of old and new images of anything that inspires me. I used Polyvore for this but Im a big fan of good old paper and glue. 
I'm not a great drawer so I do a few basic sketches that I put into photoshop and go crazy. I knew I was going to use mirrored acrylic so I wanted the designs to be blocky but curvy for that 80's toy feel. 

After lots of designs it's prototype time! I was so excited with these! 

 For the photo shoot I wanted to use my friend Phoebe as she's beautiful and has been a model for me before and has the perfect I.L.C look. 
 This was the inspiration for the shoot. 

 And here's some of the finished pics. It's the first time I styled and took the photo's on a shoot so I'm really happy with the way they turned out. You wouldn't think these were taken in my tiny bedroom! 

Then it's time to put them on my website. This takes ages with all the uploading, description writing and technical stuff. I wanted a cartoony feel to the collection so I added the pink seahorse and pastel seaweed, cute! 

 And these are the final pieces from the "I'm Really a Mermaid"collection.  I hope you like them! 

I'm Really a Mermaid Earrings

And all my necklaces have these cute I.L.C heart charms! Sweet!
 All the collection can be seen here!

When I'm designing I'm always thinking about packaging so for this collection I designed this cute little shell card to go with all pieces. I love it!
 I also did a market stall a few weeks ago where I took some of the pieces. I think they look fab on display and with their pink velvet pouches they come in!

 So that's been the collections journey so far, I've had lots of fun making them and I hope it shows in the pieces that people will wear and love! 
Ooo and good news for I.L.C fans around the world, you can purchase any piece from this collection at our Etsy shop here!


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