New jewellery added to "I'm Really a Mermaid" collection

Here at I Love Crafty we've had such a positive reaction fro our "I'm Really a Mermaid" jewellery collection that we've added a few extra pieces to expand the collection! Hope you like!

                           I'm Really a Mermaid Shell Earrings! 

So cute and they can be bought from my Etsy shop here!

 And we also have some...
 Our gorgeous 

                      Wish you were a Mermaid Pearlescent Blue Necklace!

                          I'm Really a Mermaid Gold Pearlescent Necklace

                  I'm Really a Mermaid Pink Pearlescent Necklace

                A Mermaid gave me this Pearl Shell Necklace

All these lovely pieces of jewellery can be found here and we ship all across the world to mermaids everywhere!
It makes us want to have a mermaid party! 



  1. I'm in love with everything mermaid and these pictures are heavenly! Discovered your shop and blog through Scathingly Brilliant and I'm so glad! x

  2. Yay! Thats one of my favourite blogs too! x

  3. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.
    Navratna Mala