A Very British Summer so let's dye our hair Lavender

So it's summer here in good old Blighty and its chucking it down! 
I'm gonna stay hopeful that we will have some sunshine but in the mean time I want to wear bright colours. I love my clear pink neon rain coat!
Plus it goes with my new pink shoes!

And when theres not a lot to do when its rainy outside I tend to dye my hair so here's my lavender hair. 

I prefer it to the violet as it has much more of a pinky tone and I have a flash of aqua in there too. 
I love My little pony hair!

And my dog Mr Bellamy is enjoying the summer weather! 

Fingers crossed for some sun soon! 



  1. Lovely photos and fantastic hair! I love it!

    Emma x

  2. I love this post, the title made me smile too, bless!! I love how even tho it is pouring down with rain (everywhere), you look lovely!! Its a talent us Brits have gone down to a tea now… ;)