Preview of "Feline Fatale" collection

Here's a sneak peek of our AW 2012 collection - Feline Fatale
I LOVE it and I hope you'll love it too. I'm currently sorting out the photo shoot but I though I'd show you a sneak peek and its very exciting! It will be available world wide and I'm taking pre-orders now so if you see something you'd like and want to grab a piece before anyone else just leave a comment at the end. Enjoy kitties!
Collection mood board
Fabulous Kitty Collar tips!
 I just had to wear some of the protos as they are so fab and I got quite a few comments while walking around town! Business cards at the ready! 
 I love the Kitty earrings and wear them ALL the time! 
Here's some more pics for you! 
 £12 - 4 rings in 1

The photo shoot pics should be ready next week and I'll post them ASAP then add them to my Etsy shop, WHOOP! 


  1. These all look super cute, I especially love the collar tips!

  2. What a great and inspired set! They are adorable. I love the mask necklaces.

  3. these jewels are 2 cute! Love the rings esp. -ring hoarder right here!

    Very cute sketchbook -i could lit collect peoples sketchbooks
    i think they are the most amazing thing to have!

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

    p.s. MotelRocks fan?

    enter 'bubblybeccy' @checkout the get yourself a sneaky 20% off


  4. i'm brand new follower ^_^.
    i jusr ordered kitten's clips and i still wait for mermaind necklace. babe, can i add your banner on my blog?

    1. Of course you can hun and I'm sending your package tomorrow, sorry for the wait, I put a little something extra in there for you x