Blue hair and Brizfest!

So last week was a very busy week. It was my 3 tear wedding anniversary (ahhh, post to come soon) , lots happening with I Love Crafty jewellery (again more to come soon) and I went to Brizfest! Its a music festival here in Bristol where I live. But first I dyed my hair blue!
You like? I like experimenting with my hair but this was pretty bright! I used turquoise by Directions - its a semi permeant but I reckon this will only shift at the hair dresses. 
Then on to...
 Me and Jon (hubby) went with my sis Kate and her fella Matt. Here they are dressed as a swan and rabbit. Might I add at this stage that the festival had an "animal ball" dress code - just incase you were wondering!
And I went as a cat
 The food was amazing and this was my favourite stall - Strumpets with Crumpets! Yum!

 It was a fab day and we had fun!
 Fab graffiti 
 Me and Jon as some strumpets!
 Kate and Matt
Now to look forward to next year! Whoop! 


  1. I love this post!!! Such fab pics, and wow, your hair is incredible!!! You are so brave!!!! I love it!!!xxxxx

  2. Your new hair so so cute!! I love bright colors of any kind, but this is especially outstanding. =) Looks like you had a fun time!

  3. LOVE your new hair Laura, it looks adorable xx

  4. wonderful photos and your hair is wonderful :D:D

  5. Looks like you had a fab time! I love your hair it looks gorgeous, such a ab colour! XxxX

  6. Turquoise! I love the color of your hair! It really looks great on you! ^^, I could see from the photos that you really had a great time at Brizfest! And honey, you look lovely as a cat. Haha! I liked the whiskers, huh!

    Reda Pinard

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