Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year hands down and here some reasons why!
 Fall Fashion - cozy jumpers, wooly hats, thick tights, gloves, over sized coats, boots, leopard print...enough said
 Chai Latte - pure autumn in a cup
 Warming your self by a fire place
 Pie eating - straight from the oven of course. 
 Camp fires! (I prefer them without the camp)
 Magic hour walks through gorgeous countryside. A cuddle or two on the way!
 Roasting marshmallows! One of the best things!
 Hot chocolate - with a bit a rum for warmth! 
 Red lipstick and tartan prints - my fav look for the season.
 Capes! Feel stylish, keep warm and look like a super hero - YES!
Romantic outdoor parties! 
You see! Gotta be the best season! What do you look forward to in Autumn?


  1. Pretty much the best stuff ever! I cannot wait to get out my slow cooker and make gallons of spiced cider!

  2. Ahh this is so perfect. Best of fall!! I'm usually a little depressed about summer ending, but this year I'm actually really excited for autumn. =)

  3. I love autumn too!!! these are great and you have a beautiful blog! I am now your new follower via gfc :)

    Yours Truly,
    Hope you can follow me at Aubzielation and Party Prints & Pieces

  4. where are from these lovely stuff from this clothes mix?