Get Crafty with your Christmas Presents

If you have some spare time this Christmas (and I usually don't) why not get crafty and make some presents. My family don't buy pressies as it can be quite boring getting the same beauty set every year so we make each other things. I love it as you never know what you're gonna get! Heres my favourite  ideas this year from good old Pinterest, where you can never get bored and send HOURS! Enjoy!
 Paper House Gift Boxes
This is one of my all time favourite paper gift box freebies online from the fabulous Design mom. You have to give it a go and they are sooo cute! The receiver of this gift will LOVE it! Plus t holds a secret present inside, just gorgeous! 

Recycled Beauty
Got any old toys or models hanging around the house that you don't want anymore? Why not paint them up and give them as a useful unique gift like this jewellery display elephant. LOVE IT!

Felt so good! 
I love making things from felt as its easy, cheap and looks so cute! I'm gonna give this cute idea for a phone cover a go and you should too!

Pom Poms!
I'm a huge fan of pompoms! They are pretty simple to make (take a look here) and you can make them any size. I'm loving the idea of making a pompom scarf for my mum so I better get myself off to the crafty shop and grab some cute wool!

 Hydrangea Cushion
OK, so this looks complicated but its not, trust me. Make a round cushion, cut out small flowers from felt and stitch them on! What did I tell you! Perfect for my sister!

Who doesn't like fudge? It comes in every flavour you can imagine so I'm gonna make a little mixed batch in cute boxes (easy and cheap, whoop!) These are the recipes I'm using:

This should keep my busy in the next few days and I'll take pics of what I'm making to show you! 
happy crafting! 


  1. interesting photos ;))

    great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  2. Such great presents! The iPhone cover is gorgeous and I love the hydrangea cushion, really want to try that out! XxxX

  3. That felt iPhone case is the Effing cutest xx