New helpful "BlogGo" app

So I'm addicted to apps (there's many of us addicts out there) and here's a very helpful app that will mean I can blog on the go! (Hence the name!) 
I also have the official blogger app but haven't really liked using it but this is great and most importantly for me EASY! I'm now gonna be blogging on the train, at the bus stop and I'll let you guess the rest! 
Thumbs up from me! Just search "bloggo" on your App Store and its £1.99 well worth it! 
Thanks to the lovely Dana at . for making it! 
Have fun with it! 


  1. Thanks so much I'm glad you like it!
    xo Dana

  2. I love this app too. The official blogger app is quite hopeless. I also love Dana's blog which I found after using that app