Sorry its been so long!

Hi there, 
Sorry its been sooooo long since I last "blogged" (pretty rubbish) I've been pretty busy and have some exciting/scary things coming up! 
I've joined instagram (you can follow me here) and surprise, surprise I am addicted. Its mostly pics of my dog Bellamy looking cute, my jewellery and I've just seen that you can post moving images on there too so I'm gonna make a little intro to my office/ workspace very soon once I've tidied up! Ha!
Also I'm moving house! 
This fills me with dread and fear but we'll have more space and at last I'll have a garden where I can grow things! Sooo excited about growing to roses, strawberries and its got an apple tree! Mmmmm
Plus big news...I'm having a baby! 
I've been pretty quiet about it because I didn't want to get excited too early but I'm half way through now so can share the happy news. We've also found out that we're having a little girl so if you know any good names please share them! We have some favourites but would love to get some inspiration :) She'll be making her big appearance around Halloween which is very exciting as thats my favourite time of year! 
Coming very soon I'll be launching my NEW jewellery collection "Tropics" which is gonna be fab! Keep your eyes peeled as it'll be coming your way later this summer! Heres my mood board to wet your whistle. 

Sorry again for the BIG gap in posts, I'll be making it for lost time! 


  1. I really missed your posts Laura! And oh dear so many exciting news! Congrats on the baby, you must be SO happy! I think Malory is a beautiful name :) Your new collection looks amazing too! xxx ♡

  2. Awwww congratulations! I think you should call her Cupcake after the cute little girl that came into your shop (I hope you can remember her or I just sound mental now!) Super cute! And good luck with the move, its sooo fab having a garden! Can't wait to see the new range! xxx

  3. Oh, congratulations! I'm so happy that you're having a baby girl! Are you thinking about the potential names for your little princess? :)
    And your dog is so adorable! I always enjoy looking at pictures of pets fooling around. :)

  4. Congrats!
    How exciting, you're having a little mermaid! ;)