DIY Heart Chalkboard

Make this super handy/ cute/ easy heart chalkboard with me! 
I love lists, be it food, what do do or things to be grateful for so I wanted to incorporate a chalkboard into my new office. Its easy, super fast and you can be really creative with it. Heres how its done:
Get yourself some blackboard/ chalkboard paint, you can find it in most DIY or craft shops and its pretty cheap. 
Use a good brush that will give you clean edges and good control, you want to be actuate. 
I made a heart shaped stencil for my wall. My free hand isn't great so doing a little prep can give you a much better finish. 
To make sure the heart is symmetrical fold the paper in half and cut out half a heart shape. Then unfold and you should have the perfect heart shape. 
Then using blue-tack, tack it were you want it on your wall, this means you can move it around and make it perfect. Using a pencil trace around the outline of the heart, easy!  
After you have have your outline you can start to paint! For straight edges I use some masking tape to help make a sharp line. 
You'll need to paint more than one coat, I did 3 just so that its super black. Once the paint has fully dried remove the masking tape and there you have it! 
You'll never forget those important things again! Plus it looks super pretty :)
You could paint any shape you fancy, be creative and have fun!


  1. Love it!
    And I love your wall colour

  2. It looks so cute Laura and it's such a good idea! xxx

  3. Such a clever idea love how it fits into your bedroom well!

    Eloise xo |

  4. Very creative and practical, I must say. Heart shapes are my favorite. ♡

  5. Love this! Glad to have found your blog :)

  6. Your blog is awesone !! Happy I found it :))
    I'm your latest follower. Take care,


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