Home Office in Progress!

I've finally moved in to my new home! Yay! Time to get decorating a making this house into a home. 
The first bit of decorating I've been doing is to paint my new office area. Its a tiny space under the stairs  and I wanted it to feel separate to the rest of the room so I got painting! 
I went with a strong pink called "Sugar Sweet" in keeping with my ILC branding.

Heres a little tip when decorating, use masking tape to create sharp edges like this...

While your waiting in-between coats of paint to dry, wrap your brushes, paint pots and rollers in cling film to stop them drying out too! 
And voilà! My new office is painted and looking mighty fine!
Now I've got to paint the furniture to make the space look more uniform, I'm thinking black or maybe even gold!
I thought I'd share some of my little office buddies with you!
I love my little mascots, two are from Disneyland Paris (Caterpillar and March Hare from Alice in Wonderland) and my business partner (in his business suit!)
I got this lady from a car boot sale and some may think she's a bit freaky just being a head but I love her and she's part of the inspiration behind my up and coming collection! 
I'll keep posting pics of the office as I finish it off and I've got a heart shaped chalkboard DIY post coming up next! 


  1. Impressive, your office looks so organized and lovely. :] Loving this shade of pink too!! ♡

  2. I'm currently decorating my study room so this is great inspiration. I love the pink wall a lot!