Searching for that silver lining.

Picture by Lil Sonny Sky (one of my new favourite illustrators)

Hi friends!

Sadly I lost my Nan Goodjohn last week, she was 86 and we thought she'd be around for ever. She was very strong willed, fun, stubborn, had a hot temper and always said what she thought, a lot like a fiery bombshell in a film noir. Its always heart breaking to lose a loved one. I'm trying not focus on her death but the life she lived. She had 2 daughters, 6 granddaughters, 3 great-granddaughters and 1 great-grandson! Thats a family FULL of women and I love it! When Lux was born the first person she reminded me of was my Nan Goodjohn and my Nan found that hilarious! Unfortunately they didn't get to meet but I'm positive that Lux will inherit the same strong willed and stubborn streak that we all have!

We also got the unsettling news (via text!) that we have to move out of our house within 2 months! That was a BIG shock and we only moved in 6 months ago! We never wanted to move with a small baby and I spent most of this week in tears and panic. In a weird twist of fate the house that we lived in before just came up for rent so we've decided to move back there! WEIRD!

So I'm left searching for that illusive silver lining and I've found that although its super stressful moving house (especially when you've got a small baby and a dog!) at least we're moving back to a place we liked (loads of cafes and shops around), we're paying the same amount of rent and we're all together.
Arrr, theres it is :)

Bye for now,

Blogging again! (at last!)

Hi everyone!

Well here it is, my apology for not keeping up to date on my blog - I'm sorry ;)

Its been a crazy few months and even though I love writing my blog I have a pretty good excuse for why I've been "away." One major reason is that I had my baby 3 months early (a nightmare that I'll share with you some time soon) but thankfully after 11 weeks in hospital she's home and healthy! YAY!

Her name is Lux (which means light) and she's....well...amazing! Ha! No surprises there then!

She was born on the 31st July 2013 at 2 lbs 2oz (995 grams) and was very poorly at first but its amazing how resilient she is as she's now 10 lbs 9oz, weaning, smiling, laughing and pooping a lot! She was born early because my appendix burst when I was 26 weeks pregnant and after 3 days in hospital we hit 27 weeks  and the doctors had to operate as I was pretty ill.  I'll tell the whole story soon but as you can imagine its all still quite fresh and painful to remember but I'm hoping that writing it down will be therapeutic and will do me some good :)

Well theres soooo much to catch up with and this year I've promised myself to be better with blogging. I really love writing about stuff and sharing pics so I'll endeavour to keep it up and to help myself I've downloaded this free "Blogging Planner" by Laura Winslow Photography (super cute) that you can download here (just ignore the 2013 bit!)

I'd say fingers crossed it will help but IT WILL! I'll make sure! And I hope if you find it hard to organise blogging it helps you too. Do you have any tips on how to keep organised and inspired? I'd love to know what helps you :)

Well I think thats it for now but stay tuned for more later this week! PROMISE!

Chat soon,