Lux's Nursery - Room Tour

Welcome to Lux's room! 
It took a lot of time and effort to create this magical space for our little Lux and I'm so glad we did!
When Lux was born at 27 weeks she was on a intensive care unit for 11 long weeks and decorating her room was a great source of comfort and focus for us when we were at home without her. 
Friends and family helped decorate it too so it was a lovely joint venture and after all those weeks in hospital, she had a beautiful room to come home to! 

As I type, sadly this room no longer exists as we've moved house but I loved taking these pictures. It upsets me a little to look over them again as her first bedroom is gone but I'm so happy we invested so much time into decorating it. 
I wanted to share it with you :)

We wanted something unique and colourful that would feel playful yet calming. I loved looking for inspiration on Pinterest and love sleek, uncluttered nurseries but as you can see we bought her so many toys the "sparse" look was hard to replicate! 

Some of Lux's lush dresses - my favourites! 

I got this bag from Las Vegas years ago and I figured Lux will appreciate it!

This golden deers head is a christmas decoration that presents my Grandmothers pearl chocker perfectly - a little heirloom for her. 

Whilst Lux was in hospital I had lot of time to look at prints that I thought would be perfect for her and these are some of my favourites including this "Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains" Shakespeare quote. 

This is her toy wall made from a few old wooden crates that I painted, a great way for some wall storage!  

Dino party!

This was a pine dresser that I painted the same colour as the wall then accented the drawers with different shades of pinks and purples! Its where all her Disney musical ornaments are kept! 

This is one of Lux's first baby grows that at one time was massive on her! I think it fitted her when she was about 4lbs. She was so tiny and I think she'll love looking at this one day!

This is a beautiful 1950's pale blue crown that my friend Cleo give Lux - I can't wait for her to try it on!

Some of her musical Disney ornaments, they are sooooo cute! I found them at a car boot for £1 each! BARGIN! 

This is a photo of my dad when he was little. He died when I was 14 and its really important to me that Lux grows up to know who he was and how much he would of loved her. I like having this around so I can see if she looks like him! 

This beauty is one of the famous "Gromits" that were placed around Bristol to raise money for the children's hospital linked to the ward where Lux was born. Get this, my ridiculously talented friend Sarah Matthews  designed this particular gorgeous Gromit so we had to get one for Lux and Sarah was so nice to sign it for her! So proud of you Sarah!  

Lux's lovely wardrobe!

I made this Alice doll when I was 15 and I'm so happy to give it to Lux, I hope she likes it! 

Heres a little family gallery some of whom are no longer with us but are part of Lux's story! 

Her first Christmas present.

Some of my childhood toys!

This geometric wall is my favourite part of Lux's room and was the first thing to get done. My sister Kate and her partner drew it out and painted it, a real masterpiece and it only took them 1 day! They are magic! Its the bit of her room I miss the most and we couldn't take it with us :(

Lux's library.

I became obsessed with these Baby Lit books (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Sense and Senseabilty and Alice in Wonderland) after seeing them on a number of blogs. I mostly got them from Ebay.

Heres some details from her library. Very important are some comfy cushions for our chair for late night cuddles. The cloud pillow I made and embroidered "Sweet Dreams Lux" onto it! My sister got me this gorgeous vintage "The Sleeping Princess" book years ago and its perfect for Lux as that what I nicknamed her when she was in her incubator in hospital. EVERY room should have flamingo and Lux has 3!

This is the card that was on Lux's incubator the whole time she was in hospital which includes the time and date of her birth and birth weight which was 2lbs 2oz! This is the picture of me and Jon that we taped to the inside of her incubator so we were always watching over her, not too scary I hope!

I love this portrait that my lovely friend David Trumble drew for us for Christmas! What an amazing pic!  

This is her amazingly colourful chandelier! It casts beautiful light all across her room. 

Its sad that her first bedroom is gone but I'm so proud of what we created and now we have to decorate her new room! I'll share some pics once I'm finished. I hope you enjoyed taking a look around!

See you soon, 

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