Few of my favourite things - The Meringue Girls!

I've decided to start a feature called "Few of my favourite things" which is all about things & people that inspiring me! It might be inspiration for my business, designing, fashion or just because I plain old like 'em! 
My first choice is becoming more of an obsession, its The Meringue Girls!

My sister got me their "Meringue Girls Cookbook" for my birthday a few weeks ago and since then I've made more than 5 batches of their easy to follow recipe. 
I highly recommend this book and if like me you can't bake very well - I tend to go "off piste" when it comes to recipes, you'll love it, plus they have some super helpful videos on their website
These meringues are beautiful, really tasty and EASY! 
 For my daughters naming ceremony I'm going to attempt this meringue tower,wish me luck!
Have these gorgeous pictures wet your appetite? Take a look at their fabulous website with recipes, details on how to book them and more dreamy pictures! They even have a bakery and are going to be hosting master classes! Might have to get myself down to one! 

I hope you've found this inspiring! I wonder who or what will be inspiring me next time.

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