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Welcome to my home office AKA Crafty Heaven where all my musing and day dreams come true! Come on in!
I started designing as soon as I could draw but it was only 5 years ago that I quit my day job and started working on my childhood dream and now I’m a experienced, confident designer making original, exclusive jewellery for your fashion pleasure!
My inspiration wall is full of colourful images, postcards from Disneyland and lots of unicorns! Its a little window into my whimsical mind and creative inspiration! 
This is my "workshop" space where I work away like a little elf!

I work exclusively with acrylic in all its forms, mirrored, pearlescent, iridescent and my favourite of all, GLITTER! 
The brightness of the colours and the flawless finish you can achieve is a constant inspiration for me and I'm often found in my office staring into my sample box, wide eyed like a pirate discovering treasure! 
These guys are my office buddies. They keep me in check, keep up the cuteness level and help me create my beautiful jewellery! 
Inspiration comes from lots of different places and these little cuties are gonna be pretty important this summer ;)
Welcome to the office/ more organised section of my crafty heaven. Even creative folk need to know how to work a spreadsheet and file!
 Just because it's functional doesn't mean that it can't look fabulous and I add a bit of glamour with my hand cut glitter labels. 
 Some of my glittery donut prototypes! They'll be out of the oven and ready for sale very soon!
This area is where I receive my ILC orders and do some designing! 
Take a look at some of the little treasures that I've collected ever since I was a kid. I love everything here and they are a source of constant inspiration!
Hands up if you like My Little Ponies! I DO!
And I collect porcelain rose brooches, too cute! 
I also collect cute pens, I can get a bit funny when one is out of place! Its one of my pet peeves!

Ever wonder where I package and ship all my orders? Every order comes through this cute corner complete with my trademark metallic envelopes, ILC heart stickers and cute business cards!
I take great pride in my packaging as its designed to make my customers feel like its their birthday! A special handmade gift just for them! Its all about the details and when your order is handmade with love and care you can see it, feel it when you open the box and you’ll love wearing it forever.

Confession time! I’m a serial “giver”. I love imagining the look on a customers face when they open their order and wear it! For me its akin to eating chocolate, its an addictive, warm feeling that is so satisfying! 

Love is an important part of my business (a clue is in its name) and choosing the perfect recycled boxes my jewellery is lovingly packaged in is one of my favourite parts of my crafty process!
Want to know a secret? This is my favourite part of my office! Everyone needs a "Good Vibes" wall and heres mine! Its very inspiring to take some timeout of my day and read some of the lovely comments made by customers as well as look in awe at their beautiful pictures wearing ILC jewellery! I LOVE this!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my office tour and that its given you insight into how I Love Crafty ticks. 
As you can see I take great pride in my creations and every piece of jewellery is made with love and care. I want my customers to feel special when they receive a ILC order because they are :)

Wanna see what I've been making? Click here.


  1. Lovely, your office is so inspiring!
    ♡ Dulce

  2. This is PERFECT. I am so glad I found your blog just now and drooling from the eye candy rainbow glitter antique sugar swirls that shot me to the moon. I will be linking you and adding you to my current inspiration post I was quickly preparing. Weeee!! Perfect. My blog is here: miseducated.com since I can't log into it below. xx

    1. Wow! Thanks for the lovely mention! Your blog is soooo cute! Love it x

  3. Your office is so pretty! I guess it reflects the beauty of the designer? Hahaha! Anyway, I really like how everything, from the decor, supplies and the style itself, really showcase your fun and fabulous personality. I'm sure there are a lot of ladies out there taking inspiration from your aesthetic ideas. Thank you for giving us a tour of your office! All the best to you!

    Orlando Nunez @ OES

    1. Thanks Orlando! I'm glad you enjoyed taking a look around :)

  4. Oh my! Your home office definitely reflects your image as a bubbly and creative person, Laura! I've never seen so much pink in my life, and I've never felt so jealous. Hahaha! I'm sure your home office keeps you very imaginative. Keep up the creativity! :)

    Hubert Cole @ Pear Workplace Solutions


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