Story of a tattoo - Part 1

I'm getting a new tattoo! Whoop! I'm so excited! I have 6 so far and can't wait for number 7. Plus what makes it even more exciting and special is that me and my partner Jon are getting matching getting ones!After such a crazy year last year and since its our 5th wedding anniversary this year we figured we'd do something special. Its his first tattoo and I'm hoping he'll find it as addictive as I do! 

Now finding a tattoo that you like can be tough but finding a tattoo we both want is, how shall I put this, a challenge. I'm a "go with the flo, get it done and think about it later" kinda gal but Jon is not. He's always liked the idea of a tattoo but never found "the one" - and so the hunt begins! 

One thing we do know is that we want an anchor, I like old nautical designs such as Sailor Jerry and it symbolises strength and steadfastness.  What kind of anchor? We've not figured that out yet but heres some designs we like so far. 

We also want the numbers 9:19 - thats the date of our wedding anniversary and the time when our daughter Lux was born! Weird eh? I'm not sure if we'll have a scroll or just numbers next to the anchor but hopefully will come to us soon! 

Now finding a good tattooists, who's work you like and who you trust is hard. I had all my tattoo's done in Bournemouth where I went to university but I wanted to find a good place near Bristol (where we live now) as I want to get lots more in the future! I searched around, popped into a few but finally came across "River City Tattoo Collective" on Facebook (they are based in Bath) and their photos looked really good!
This is the lovely Meg who will be tattooing us! I can't wait! She will draw out our final design by hand, a real artist.
I love the gallery of pictures on the wall - it has a Victorian parlour feel to it! 
So we're booked in early June - not long now so we've got to get our thinking caps on and I'll share some more pics with you soon! 


  1. I've always been sceptical of the matching tattoo concept but you've proved me wrong, this is a beautiful idea and I hope you find the perfect design. xxx

  2. Thanks! I've always thought they were the kiss of death to a relationship but I'm gonna break the curse! I'm so looking forward to it!

  3. An anchor, how sweet! Also being fond of numbers, the meaning to 9:19 is fascinating. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  4. i have an anchor me and my bff got the same ones <3 xx#cowbiscuits

    1. Cute! I think anchors are great for matching tattoos!