Donut collection coming soon!

So as you can see we had a blast photographing my latest "Donut" collection!!! 
My fabulous friend Lori took the pics and the beautiful Megan from Briar Rose was kind enough to model for me.  
It will be launching very soon but I'm so excited editing the pics I wanted to share some with you! A little sneaky peek if you will! 

Fresh fashion straight from the oven!

How to make Tiana's Beignets!

O.M.G - these are as tasty as they look and pretty easy to make too!
I first came across beignets watching Princess and the Frog (one of my favourite Disney films) and I had no idea what they were! They are Tiana's speciality and I just had to find out how to make them! 
Beignets are sweet, deep fried pastry normally coated in icing sugar, I fancied trying a few different topping ideas!