Chai Spiced Shakerato (Iced Coffee) Recipe!

I used to hate iced coffee. Whenever I saw the canned version in the supermarket I screwed up my face and thought, "errr, why would anyone want to drink cold coffee?" In the same way my adult pallet can now appreciate olives, I've grown to love this tasty, easy, iced beverage - although I've still not drank one from a can!
Inspired by my new obbession I'm sharing my Chai Spiced Shakerato (iced coffee) recipe with you. Its called a Shakerato because I use a cocktail shaker to mix it up! I love using my cocktail shaker, it feels like a party with every shake and its perfect for a sunny day when you need a little giddy up!
What you'll need:

  • Black coffee - I sometimes use instant, filter coffee when I have time.
  • Sugar
  • Soya milk
  • Chai latte powder 
  • Ice cube tray
  • Cocktail shaker

To make the coffee ice cubes I make up the amount I usually use to make 2 cups of coffee in my cafetiere (2 heaped table spoons of ground coffee for 2 cups). Some recipes use water ice cubes but that can water down your coffee towards the end whereas this stays strong the whole way down! Mmmmm.
Then before I pour the coffee into the ice trays I add 1 teaspoon of sugar for a little bit of sweetness. Pop the tray in the freezer and wait till frozen, boooooo. Wanna know a secret? If you pour the coffee in warm and put it straight into the freezer it freezes quicker! Don't ask me how, but it works!
Once you have your cubes use as many as you want to your preference of strength, I like my coffee strong so I use about 8 cubes per cup. Crush half the ice. When you shake up your mixture this will melt into the soya milk making it extra cold.
I LOVE this chai latte powder. I use it in baking, hot drinks and now cold drinks!
Add 1 teaspoon to your shaker then top up with milk - I use soya milk in mine.
Shake it up!
Pour and...
enjoy! Pop the rest of the ice cubes in and dust with a little of the chai powder! Mmmmmmmm, let the sun shine! I'd like to thank Hoops and Brews for introducing me to coffee ice cubes and she also has an amazing variant by adding a spoon of nutella! (Insert Homer Simpson drool noise here.)
And when the sun goes down, turn this cool drink into something naughty by adding a shot of rum or whatever your choice of tipple is! Just don't forget to invite me round OK?


  1. Never in my life had this before, looks quite nice, might have to give it a try :))) Happy Sunday doll xx

    1. You should! Its very moreish though :) xxx


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