How to fit a Summer Holiday into 1 day

Life's got super busy since having Lux. I'm still learning to juggle being a Mummy, working on my jewellery business (I Love Crafty) from home, taking Bellamy the dog for afternoon strolls, occasionally tidying the house and regularly burning dinner, so when summer seemed to be ending we realised we'd completely forgot to take some time out to relax and get away from it all. 
We didn't manage to go away last summer as Lux arrived on the scene 3 months early (you can read Lux's birth story here) so we really needed a break. As we live in Bristol, Weston-super-mare is only 40mins away so its perfect for a day trip and we decided to make that special day our summer holiday! Heres some of my tips on how to fit a summer vacation into 1 day plus what my 1 day holiday looked like. 

This is one of the rare moments when it didn't rain and the sun came out!

The pier is crazy big with tons of game machines! Good job I brought my old change with me. 

Lux had fun putting money in the machines and she loved all the colourful lights. 

My seaside obsession - claw machines! I won't tell you how many times I tried to win one of these cuties! The games fixed I tell ya, fixed! 

My favourite Paul Frank beach bag that I bought years ago. I have to take it with me when on holiday!

Lux and Jon eyeing up our ice cream sundaes in another rare moment of sunshine.

A ghostly looking abandoned pier that looked like something from a horror movie that we happened to come across, how exciting!

Make a check list.
Heres my essential holiday activities list. Its fun to write down all your favourite things and it helps to make sure you do them.
  • Eat fish and chips.
  • Play penny slot machines at a games arcade.
  • Scoff a large ice cream on a pier.
  • Build a sand castle. 
  • Wear my special beach bag (my favourite trusty bag perfect for a holiday.)
  • Gaze longingly at the sea. 
  • Discover something new (the abandoned pier, so exciting!)

Leave early.
This is a no brainer but if you want to get the most out of your 1 day holiday then its a good idea to get to your destination early. You don't want to spend half your holiday stuck in traffic, thats no ones idea of fun plus its not on your check list! 

Go on a week day.
We went on a Tuesday so had no traffic problems and all the attractions were less busy so we could fit more in. Winner! 

Try a new destination.
Do a little bit of research and look at places that aren't so popular as say Brighton or Blackpool. These hidden gems may mean less traffic, cheaper prices, you'll feel like your going on a proper adventure plus you may just discover your new favourite place! 

Don't be afraid to give yourself a budget.
Some of us (meaning me) go a bit crazy on holiday and spend more money than they planned, extra treats here and there, eating out, accommodation, they all add up. Doing a summer holiday in 1 day can mean that a little goes a long way so why not give yourself a budget, that way you can always save some money for another 1 day holiday soon! 

Have fun!
Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make the day perfect. It may rain, you might spend way to much time finding the right fish and chip shop and you might not win that Care Bear from the arcade (all happened to me) but this is your holiday and just enjoy the little moments. I forgot to pack a umbrella and got drenched in the rain but the sun did finally come out and that ice-cream sunday was amazing. 

I had a really lovely summer holiday and I hope you have a fab one too, theres still time! 


  1. Your trip sounds like fun! Looks like the beaches in the UK are similar to the Oregon coast here in the states. Little blurps on sun, and mostly rain. You learn to enjoy it because rain is a lifestyle. I found your blog through Pinterest, and I love it! I will have to browse through your jewelry shop, and look at some of your creations. I love looking at hand crafted jewelry! I feel like hand crafted jewelry is always better quality because the crafter puts their heart and soul into it. Looks like a lovely holiday, and yes! tears to Summer being almost over. I need to go on a holiday myself before the Summer ends.
    Great post!

    -Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

    1. Hi Courtney, thanks for your lovely comment! Its now autumn here and thats when everything looks its best! Will share some pics soon. We had a fab day and want to start planning for another day trip soon xxx