Into the woods

The summers here and the time is right, for walking in the woods.

One of Bellamy's the dogs favourite walks is Leigh Woods, across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Its lovely when the suns out, as its cool in the shade of the trees and the views are quite spectacular.  

Its the first time we've taken Lux but she just seemed to want to play with my Calypso Parrot Necklace

Lux is now 1 and just started crawling! She's even started standing on her own so I guess my baby's growing up! As she was 3 months premature (you can read her birth story here) her "corrected" age is 9 months so she's doing really well for her age group but I find it hard not to compare her to other 1 year olds who have teeth and can do lots of things. She'll catch up one day.  

We packed a picnic and Jon had to defend his lunch from hungry eyes! 

This is me playing around pretending to be in Vogue! I need to practise my posing! HA!


  1. This looks wonderful. I love going to the woods, so peaceful. My girls love it too. Your daughter is a beauty, so sweet :) xx

    1. Thanks Doll! It was a lovely trip to the woods, shame the sunshine seems to have packed up for the year now :(