5 Years Hitched, 2 Wedding Dresses!

Today, me and Jonathan have been married for 5 years! Oh how the time flies by! I don't normally write about Jonathan on my blog as he's a pretty personal subject and I find it almost impossible to describe what he means to me so instead I'll talk about my wedding dresses. Yes, you heard me right, wedding dresses!

We got engaded on my birthday at Hampton Court. It was a beautiful day, although I was in a bad mood because I wanted to go on the guided tour but Jon secretly wanted to propose at some point in the day so wanted some privacy. We were posing by the fountain with my sister and her boyfriend when he did this.

We got married in Bournemouth 6 months later (we don't like to hang around) where we met at university and we had 2 wedding services which of course meant 2 dresses! In the morning we got hitched at the Borunmoth town hall (the legal bit) with just close family and I wore a £10 primark dress that I used to go out clubbing in! It was one of Jon's favourites so I thought it would be fun to wear!

My pale lilac vintage tulle hat was from Brick Lane with handmade pink roses.

I embroidered "I do" on the back of my mini chiffon cape! Cute! My shoes were Vivienne Westwood, a treat to myself.

We walked down the aisle to "Love me Tender" by Elvis Presley which made me cry as its such a beautiful song and reminds me of my Grandad who passed his love of Elvis onto me. When I was getting ready that morning Jon had sent over the flowers, hydragngers from his mums garden (my favourite and what my mum had when she got married to my dad) with a sweet and funny note.

The second wedding service (the fun bit) felt much more like us, surrounded by friends, one friend of ours read the vows as exchanged rings a second time, we played kazoos to All You Need is Love and we all read The Owl and the Pussy Cat out loud! We were very lucky that the local rowing club let us use their clubhouse for the weekend, sadly its been knocked down now but the view was great!

This time I walked down the isle with my Mum (my Dad died when I was 14 so he couldn't "give me away") to The Beatles Because. Its such a beautiful and haunting song and while our friend read the vows, we had the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack playing in the back ground. Magical!

This time my dress cost more than £10 (I'll never tell) and it was only the 3rd dress I tried on but I fell in love with it as some as I slipped into it and felt like Cinderella. Its a simple A-line dress with a sweet heart neckline and intricate beading around the waist. I wanted a long, simple veil as my hair was super short and I made tiny white wing hair clips. Sadly I don't have any pictures of them!

I made my bracelet from blue velvet ribbon (something blue) with small trinkets and charms on it from various places we've visited together.

I love the stork and little cupid that I found in an antique shop in York, my favourite city and of course I had to have a white Yorkshire rose as thats where I'm from!

The unicorn is for a little bit of magic, something every relationship needs!

I'd love to get married again (to Jon of course) and I'd defiantly get a professional photographer to take pictures as we were on a budget so couldn't afford it. All our pics are from friends and family but  I wish we could have done them properly.

Heres to another 5 years and more of happiness together and if we do get hitched again, maybe 3 dresses next time?


  1. Both weddings look very special and very fun! To many more years indeed!

  2. Wow Laura, you two had amazing and unique weddings! Your shoes were SO cute!! xx

    1. Thank you! It was fun having 2 dresses! xxx

  3. Congratulations to such a special moment. :]
    ♡ Dulce