A Mermaid in Paris - Natacha Birds

Natacha is the lovely mermaid behind Natacha Birds blog from Paris, its one of my favourite blogs! She's a total Disney fan just like myself and she illustrates some of the most beautiful Disney themes to make your tech look cute including phone themes and laptop backgrounds. 

You can download this Bubble City theme here!   

You can download this Say "Allo" and make a splash theme here!   

Like my other mermaid pal Emily Fisher, she has a gorgeous mermaid tattoo! Here she explains her mermaid love, shares her mermaid collection with us and shows us her tattoo. 

When I was little I watched the little mermaid constantly. Growing up I realized that what I loved about mermaids was their femininity, the power they have over men, their charms and their mysterious nature. 
They are seductive and attract men with their songs, both loving and cruel. We know nothing of their intimacy, their way of life and death. 

I have been collecting pictures of mermaids I found on the internet for years and then one day I wanted to be a mermaid myself! Sadly I could not have a mermaid tail but I could have a beautiful tattoo on my arm that would be with me forever and symbolise what they mean to me. 

I've loved mermaids since my childhood ( I still have some of my mermaid toys in my collection) and I know I'll love them for the rest of my life!

Thanks Natacha for being a part of Mermaid Week! Lots more exciting mermaid news to come tomorrow!

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Hooray for mermaids!  


  1. Ahh! Mermaids! Love it! This was a lot of fun to read - and so much eye candy!

    1. Thanks Kelsea! Natacha is such a fab mermaid buddy! xxx