A Mermaid Tattoo Story - Emily Fisher

Its Mermaid Week here on my blog and today I'm asking one of my favourite mermaid pals, Emily Fisher from Mermaid Gossip why she love mermaids so much she had one beautifully tattooed on her arm! 

I love mermaids, I have always loved mermaids! I guess it all started with The Little Mermaid when I was a lot younger. She was the rebel that wanted more from life. In actual fact, looking back, I think that simple Disney film inspired me more than I really ever knew. I even used to swim with my feet together under water pretending to be a mermaid, and one year my grandma even made me a mermaid tail from iridescent fabric wrapped with bubble wrap! 

These days it has become my life, I have my beautiful mermaid tattooed on my arm and my new blog alias (www.MermaidGossip.com) has taken from the collective noun for mermaids - a gossip of mermaids. It comes from more than that though, I have always been drawn to the water, I love being by the sea, I find it so peaceful and calming. I guess it must be in the name, I was born a Fisher a have always been a bit fishy!

My mermaid tattoo is my favourite one yet (out of 9 so far!) she's the biggest and the best. I came up with a rough design and then I asked Lucille from Scribe in Bournemouth to draw it up in her awesome style. 

This is what she came up with and I absolutely loved it. In fact it became my branding for Mermaid Gossip. I love the colours associated with mermaids too, one of my most popular outfit post was mermaid inspired, you can check it out here! 

If you love all things mermaid including great style posts check out her blog Mermaid Gossip, thanks so much Emily for sharing your mermaid love! 

Emily is also a fan of my mermaid jewellery and this week I'm giving all mermaid fans 15% off my I'm Really a Mermaid collection! Just use code: MERMAIDWEEK at the checkout, offer ends 15/09/14. 


  1. i love your necklace! and I so love your hair <3


    1. Thanks! Her hair is amazing! Proper mermaid! xxx

  2. This is the best series EVER! Finding lots of new photos to pin to my Mermaids board! :)