Disney's Mermaids

If you love mermaids and Disney like me, be prepared to fallen love with the following pictures! 

This is a pretty unconventional pic of Ariel but I love pastel colours so its double cuteness to me!

While having my daily dose of instagram I came across the amazing Megan Smith who makes beautiful mermaid paper art!

I currently work as a Freelance Illustrator based in the UK. I decided to take up paper art as a hobby earlier this year as I'd seen some of the beautiful work Disney Artist Britney Lee produces, she's a huge idol and if your not familiar with her work I would recommend you check it out! 

As I continued cutting paper interest grew, so I now make bespoke commission pieces for individuals and post worldwide!"

Do you have a favourite Disney artist? Let me know as I'd love to discover more!


  1. I have been SO enjoying mermaid week on your blog! The Disney Mermaids are always so gorgeous. Serious appearance goals!
    Bethany x


    1. Hi Bethany, I'm glad your enjoying it! I've had so much fun writing all these posts and I'll be sad when its over :( I'm already thinking about next years! xxx