Lux's Room Tour - Number 2

Welcome to Lux's nursery tour number 2! When Lux was 6 months we moved (long, boring and annoying story) back into the house we first lived in when we relocated to Bristol. We loved this small house, so I secretly didn't mind moving back but we had put our heart and soul into decorating Lux's first bedroom that you can see here. There we could paint and make the space our own but here we're not allowed to put a new nail in the wall but I think I've managed to create a playful, cute space for my little girl. Lux seems to like it anyway! I get a lot of my decorating inspiration from pinterest and my Baby Decor board is where I store all my favourite ideas and pictures.

I love bed canopies as they add a bit of drama to a room and we created Lux's from a faded section of old toile fabric that I could never throw away. I knew it would come in handy one day!

The pattern is a traditional French scene and I love how delicate and vintage it looks.

Lux's little picture gallery. What can I say, she has a thing about dogs and ballet dancers!

Our house is very small and we've had to turn one big room into 2 small rooms to fit us all in! We've used 2 large Ikea Expedit's to section off the space to make Lux's room. It works pretty well and we have no storage problems!

Lux is growing up so fast, doing new things every day and starting to get into mischief! This weekend was spent baby proofing her room!

You might not know it but I'm a BIG Disney fan so Lux has a few toys that were once mine, I can share!

This is a Cinderella castle that I got from a car boot sale and used to use it for displaying my jewellery at markets. I think it looks fab on top of the Expedit.

Plus Ariel and Shelly needed somewhere to live.

Lux has a lovely bright window which is decorated with fabric hearts made by my sister and hand cut stars by my lovely friend Lori. A dream dragon also lives there, he brings in good dreams and scares away the bad ones.

Lux also has a small library as she loves flipping through books. Its a great place for a cuddle before bedtime.

I collect old Alice in Wonderland books, I hope Lux enjoys reading them!

Jon found these cute musical Disney figurines at a car boot sale for £1 each! We got the whole set and they all play the music from the films, so cute!

Some little circus buddies that Lux has been collecting. We're in love with the strong mouse of course.

Another Disney castle! I'm toying with the idea of turning this into a jewellery organiser, I'm sure Lux wouldn't mind!

When Lux was born in Aunt sent me lots of pictures of my Dad when he was a child and I love this one of my Dad and Nan holding hands. My Nan's also wearing a rather fetching leopard print coat, so thats where I get my sense of style from!

This is Lux's dressing area where we keep all her special dressing up clothes. She needs a few more costumes I think!

She has more shoes than I do!

And a fab collection of clothes! Most of these are presents or from charity shops. She loves bright colours, patterns and textures.

She's such a cheeky monkey these days! Her favourite activity at the moment is climbing up a table and carefully throwing everything off of it!

And she's got her first tooth! I can't tell you how excited I was when it appeared as I was getting worried she wouldn't have any! She's such a star and doing so well after all she's been through. You can read her challenging birth story here.

We hope you enjoyed the tour! I want to start making her a few handmade pieces for her room as the nights draw in this winter so keep popping back to see my baby DIY's.


  1. Oh man. I wish this was my room, haha. So very cute!

    1. Thank you! Lux seems to like it :) xxx

  2. this is all so beautiful ! I wish i could paint my sons room pink , but i may just copy the stars and dragon in the window x

    1. Cute! Thats a lovely idea! I'm sure your son would love it xx

  3. Oh gosh, lucky Lux! Her room is absolutely beautiful! Love what you've done with the IKEA expedit as room separators - I did the same thing in my house. Converted the living room to my craft studio, but then it looked funny walking into the house to see the craft area. Expedit: done!

    1. They are so handy and I love the storage! Not quite sure what we're gonna do once she figures out how to push the boxes out and escape! x

  4. Lux's room turned out so lovely.
    ♡ Dulce