Mermaid Jewellery Treasure!

As a jewellery designer one of my arduous tasks (poor me) is to research beautiful, interesting jewellery that inspires me and as you may know I'm a big mermaid fan, hence Mermaid Week and my mermaid collection I'm Really a Mermaid that I LOVED designing. You can read my collection design story here.   

Today I'm sharing some of my absolute favourite mermaid jewellery pieces from all over the world, this is truly mermaid treasure!  

The details for some of these stunning pieces can be found on my pinterest board I'm Really a Mermaid and don't forget that this week I'm giving all mermaid fans 15% off my I'm Really a Mermaid collection! Just use code: MERMAIDWEEK at the checkout, offer ends 15/09/14.


  1. Replies
    1. They are so inspiring! Can't wait to start designing some more pieces for my collection! x

  2. All the jewellery pieces are so perfect!xo

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  4. All the earrings & bracelets are beautiful. They can be used by little girls that will definitely bring a bright smile on their faces.
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