Mermaids and me

What is it I love about mermaids? It's easier to ask what don't I love about mermaids! They are beautiful, mythical creatures surrounded by a haze of mystery. They represent freedom, are untamed, wild like the ocean yet somehow familiar and comforting. It's easy to see their obvious appeal and allure to lonely, day dreaming sailor, yet they are unobtainable in their natural habbitat, good luck trying to catch a mermaid! Maybe it's that free spirt that I love or their ability to capture our imaginations in their hand spun nets or maybe it's their perfect wavy hair!

Like most little girls born in the mid 1980's I grew up with a mermaid obsession. I had 2 films I watched religiously, Grease and The Little Mermaid. I ended up marrying a guy who reminded me of Danny Zuko and I regularly dye my hair pretty colours, feel most at home by the sea and I too just want to be part of that world! 

I've been inspired to celebrate all things mermaid the week as when I designed my first jewellery collection I'm Really a Mermaid I didn't realise just how many other mermaid fans there were in the world! I regally receive messages from happy customers stating that they are mermaids and they're so happy the world now knows thanks to my jewellery, I love these emails!

I still have my Ariel doll that I got when I was little (she now lives in my daughter Lux's room) and her friend Shelly, who I believe is part of a Barbie collection. Yes, we hang out from time to time and I can't wait till Lux can play with us too!

As part of my mermaid obsession I love mermaid jewellery hence designing my own collection! You can read about my design and inspiration behind it here. Heres a little peek into my jewellery box! They come from Topshop, vintage shops, Hawaii, Asos and my own pieces! This week I'm giving all mermaid fans 15% off my I'm Really a Mermaid collection! Just use code: MERMAIDWEEK at the checkout, offer ends 15/09/14. 

I love this ring that I bought from my friends vintage shop. It reminds me of a beautiful starfish and the colours are just perfect, my favourites in fact!

This seahorse bangle is from Topshop years ago, a mermaid has to be surrounded by her fishy friends! 

Why do you love mermaids? Were you a Little Mermaid fan too? 
Don't forget to pop back again soon as I have tons more mermaid themed posts coming your way all week! 

PLUS wanna win some mermaid jewellery? Check out my fabulous Mermaid Giveaway where you can win some of my most popular mermaid pieces! Click here to enter.  

Hooray for mermaids! 


  1. How cute is that? I love sirens too <3

    1. I'm glad you like them too! They seem to really capture people's imagination, I hope you enjoy Mermaid Week! Xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, I know it's so cute! A real treasure!

  3. That's the same answer I gave on the question "Why do you love mermaids?"!
    PS/ The ring is so pretty! :)

  4. Disney mermaids are fabulous!
    But in Slavic mythology they can be really creepy. I love their creepiness too ^_^

    1. They have a very dark side too don't they? Complicated beings like us! xxx

  5. Oh my gosh - that seahorse bangle! I'm just catching up on posts now and I don't think I can resist leaving a comment on all of the mermaidy goodness!

    1. I'm so happy your enjoying the mermaid posts! I'm having so much fun writing them and I'm so lucky I have fab mermaid pals joining in! xxx


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