My favourite time of year

This autumn essentials list is by Jones Design company and you can download it for FREE here! 

Autumn is my favourite season for sure and whats not to love?

All images from My Favourite Time of Year board on Pinterest.
To make sure I don't miss any of my autumnal favourites I've made a checklist (its the only way I get anything done these days!)
  • Drink a pumpkin spiced latte
  • Bake pumpkin pie
  • Snuggle up by a fire
  • Buy myself a autumn fragranced candle
  • Host a cocktail party
  • Wear my enormous wooly jumpers
  • Keep warm with snuggly scarfs and oversized coat
  • Crunch leaves
  • Go "conkering" (collect conkers)
  • Have a spooky Halloween party
  • Make Lux a Halloween costume
  • Watch Hocus Pocus
  • Sip on warm apple cider
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Go on countless evening walks in the golden sunlight
  • Breath in smoke from a campfire

What does your autumn checklist look like?


  1. So wonderful, I love autumn as well :))) xx

    1. Thanks Kizzy! Its the best isn't it? Whats your favourite things about autumn? x

  2. Ooh, what a lovely post! It is getting me all excited too, even though I'm still clinging onto summer because I'd like to soak up a bit of warmth before it gets really cold again;)

    However, other than that Autumn is my favorite too. The colors, the coziness, the excuse for even more tea!

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited, you can smell autumn coming and I was so excited as the leaves are starting to fall x

  3. oh my gosh....Autumn is my favourite too!! <3 We clearly love all the same things, the smell in the air of the leaves on the ground, the autumnal colours of golds, yellows, oranges and reds, the crisp air in the mornings and dusky evenings with a slight chill, smores making, buying Pumpkins, Starbucks releasing their autumn drinks and sitting in to have your coffee with all the windows steaming up watching the world go by....i just LOVE it! Such a good idea too with the board on pinterest...i already have over 5000 pins but i think I may have to nose at your Autumn Album now...I'm going to be painting some Autumn nails soon, cant wait x

    1. I'm glad you like it too, its the best time of year! I was just walking through the leaves this morning, truly beautiful. Your autumn nails sound fun and you should totally drake a autumn board! It always reminds me of why I love it so much :) xxx