Traci Hines Mermaid Makeup Tips

This week I was lucky enough to interview the one and only Traci Hines (you can read her interview here) and today she shares her mermaid makeup tips with us!  With Halloween just around the corner she shares some of her tricks of the trade for those elaborate mermaid makeovers, to hints on how to create a subtle mermaid look everyday. Get ready to get out your glitter!

Whats your mermaid makeup routine?
Totally depends on which mermaid I'm channeling that day! I portray Ariel's (or Hipster Mermaid's) look most often, since we share a hair color in common and we look pretty snazzy playing up the same features...I tend to gravitate towards neutral eye shades to bring out the blue in mine, and red lips to match the mane. My go-to is a pin up inspired look with a matte coverage of foundation, peachy-pink blush, black cat eyeliner & falsies and of course the red pout. But I love playing with makeup-the more dramatic the better-so I definitely experiment a lot and change up my look depending on my mood, a change of haircolor, or when I'm creating or portraying a different character. 

I've done other mermaid looks that involved mermaid scales, crystals and pearls, sequins, glitter and all sorts of colour ranges-even zombie mermaids! 
Every day is a different story. But when I'm not dressing up, I stay pretty clean faced to keep my skin happy. If I have to run out anywhere whenever I'm not on camera or performing, it's usually just BB cream and a touch of mascara, if anything at all.
Here are some of my mermaid makeup tutorials:


For those of us trying to create a mermaid look, what are your best mermaid makeover tips?
First find the elements that you like to play up most. Create a pretty base of makeup in a color scheme that compliments your mermaid outfit (be it costume or fashion) and, if you want, add elements that take it to a more fantasy level, like adding crystals, sequins or scales, or choosing a lip color or eyeshadow color that you wouldn't normally wear in your regular day to day. But just like people, mermaid-style ranges across the board-you really can't go wrong! Sea-punk, goth, grunge or hipster-all good! Or natural, fantasy, fishy, all works! 

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself, because I believe dressing up or showing off your own personal sense of fashion is an extension of who you are. Maybe you don't dress as your mermaid-persona all the time, but deep down she's there, inspiring and calling to you like the Siren she is, so if you clicked on this article, you probably have an interest in mermaids, so let your inner mermaid out once in a while & have fun exploring another side of yourself and your style!

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Thanks Traci for the fab mermaid makeup tips! Time to get my makeup brushes out and try a new shade of lipstick! 


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