5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My house is decorated, theres trick or treaters knocking at my door and my party guests are on their way. Hmmm, so it turns out I forgot something, my costume! Heres my 5 last minute Halloween costume ideas! 

1. Black
You can't go wrong head to toe in black! Spook up the look with white powder on your face and body. Halloween classic does it agin!

2. White
Why not do a good impression of a ghost in your whitest clothes and accessories and complete this ghostly look covered in a veil (raid your married friends wardrobe if you must.)

3. Homemade.
Got a old headband, wire and black card hanging around? Make this batty headband for instant halloween credit! I made one years ago and still wear it now!

4. Put a pumpkin on it.
If in doubt, put a pumpkin on your head! Love it!

5. Get creative with your makeup bag. 
Grab your black eye liner and eye shadow and go crazy! Its Halloween after all!

Have a amazing Halloween what ever you dress as and have fun! Muuhahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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